Japanese Crispy Fried Chicken – Marinated in Shio-Koji !!


Marinate in Koji (Shio-Koji) is one of the best way to receive benefit from Koji. ( I believe )

When I eat this marinated in koji chicken karaage (Tatsuta age) first time,
I was so surprised how soft and yummy it was.

What you need to do is just marinate chicken in Shio-koji over night.
This one step makes so much difference of your Karaage or Tatsuta age!!

Cut chicken breast or chicken thigh into bite sized pieces.

Then marinate in Shio-Koji for over night or for 1 day. Preparation – done!



“Next day”
Start cooking ! Pour soy sauce.


Add chopped ginger. (If you like, garlic will work, too)

Then mix well and let stand it for about 10 -20 min.
(Marinate again!!)

Coat the chicken with potato starch or flour.

Deep fry them in oil until it becomes golden colour.
(Oil temp : 170 – 180°C)



That’s it.
Enjoy the fantastic Koji effect !!
It’s so nice and soft, juicy and tasty.
It stays soft even it become cold, so it is good for lunch box, too.


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