Miso making workshop ( Jan 10, 2014 )


Antoine is a baker and loves making things.
He even makes his own rice Koji at home.

By reading books, he made his own miso in the past,
but this time, he joined my miso making workshop to see how to make miso actually, not from the printed books.

These preparations were done before the workshop.
This is the soybeans we used this time.
Bigger soybean is better, but it is difficult find it here in Melbourne.
(If you know any information about getting begger soybeans, please let me know!)

Wash the soy beans well and soak them for over night + more.

Cook them until it become really really soft.


I cooked these soybeans for 2 days.
If you use pressure pan, it is so much quicker, but I still love to cook with normal pot.
I believe this is more gentle way and soybeans prefer this. (just my feeling and belief)

From here, workshop started!!

Scale salt and Rice Koji.
Salt – Australian lake salt.
Koshihikari Rice Koji (Raw)
*We didn’t use this soybeans. This is just a reference photo of salt and Rice koji!!

Brake the rice koji into small pieces.

This Rice Koji is from Nigata, Japan.
Report of visiting this Rice Koji factory, check here.

We enjoyed the beautiful fragrance of Rice Koji. Deep….sweet….
What a nice moment.

Once you mix salt and the Rice Koji well,
then, mash soybeans with Suribachi.
(I visited special Suribachi place in Japan, this report will be posted shortly)

Have you mash all of soybeans?
Then mix mashed soybeans and salt-koji mixture.


Because Antoine is a baker, he was so good at mixing them, dexterous in handling.

When all of them are mixed well in the bowl, make small balls and put them into the jar.


Try not to put air in between.

Making label. I like to see people making their own label. It’s so special and unique.

This is Antoine’s baby miso! We just wait to be matured.
Now passing the baton to wonderful bacteria.
Thank you Antoine for joining my class.


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  1. That’s me bredda! Awesome blog entry… and great looking blog. Greetings from Victoria Canada!!

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