Suribachi !! Great tool for Japanese cooking


Suribachi – it’s a bowl with rough inner surface with many lines.
We often use it for crushing / mashing foods (i.e. sesame seeds) with a pestle.
This is an invaluable tool for Japanese cooking.

I use Suribachi a lot in my cooking, too.
Here are some posts that you can find Suribachi.
– Daikon salad – Tahini & Soy sauce dressing
– Miso making workshop ( Jan 10, 2014 )
– Side menu – Spinach dressed with sesame sauce

I love Suribachi. The shapes, its function and just as a bowl.

There is place called “Suribachi kan” in Gifu, Japan.
They are the suribachi specialist. Their amount of production is 60% of all Suribachi market.
It is like a dream world for Suribachi lovers.

This is the beautiful Director of Suribachi-kan, Ms.Kato♪♪
She is amazing prize winner and professional potter as well.
She was so nice and kind, showed me many things. I would like to share with you, too.

You can find whole ranges of Suribachi from small one to big one,
standard one to very unique one!! So many of them!!!
This place was an actual workplace in the past, wooden beautiful building.



All of these suribachi were made here, right next to this building.

Look, these long piece of wood.
Suribachi will be stored and dried on this long wood.

Like this!

This is the very important section, making lines inside. These lines are called, “surime”
Amazingly, this is all handwork!!



I couldn’t believe this handwork!
So quick, so accurate!

Now he is making top part with his thumb.

It was probably only 10-15 seconds. Wow.

And this was the tool he used to make inlines.

Here is the design section.
All patterns were made by hand again! It was just amazing!!



One by one. I feel love in this Suribachi kan. Love for Suribachi.

This is their kiln. Mmm, exciting!

Ms. Kato loves Japanese antique. Loves the things from old days.
She loves them so much,
and she uses some spaces in the Suribachi-kan to show her great collections!!

Old clothes and a dresser. A TV! A sewing machine !!

A Hibachi. Heating appliance using charcoal as fuela

Fridge! You need to put ice to make it cool!

There is suribachi museum part as well.
This is the biggest Suribachi in Japan. 70cm wide.

And historical Suribachi. This one is frmo Momoyama era.


It was just a wonderful experience for me.
If you would like to visit here, here is the address and their website.

2321-55 Dachi cho
Toki city, Gifu 509-5401

Maruhon Seitoujo/ Suribachi kan
Tel : 0572-59-8730
Fax : 0572-59-1961


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