Making Umeboshi (Vol.1)


Umeboshi!! Salty & sour dried plum, we used it in Japanese cooking and also take this as medicine.
When I lived with parents, they always told me, “Take one Umeboshi everyday”, and all of family had one in the morning.
Nowadays, I have one when I don’t feel good, or the day I have too much food,
apart from using in the cooking.

June is rainy season in Japan, and people make Umeboshi over this season.
It is a long process, depending on the weather, it needed to be dried for 3 days (day & night) so, we do this last process when the rainy season is finished.


First process is…
take this little thins out.

Ca you see?

Then soak all of them in the water. Over night.


To be continued.


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