Miso cucumber

Happy new year xx
Hope you had a good one!!

This is my summer memory flavour.
Freshly picked from garden cucumber and home made miso.
This is what my family believes the best way to eat cucumber.


My dad has a garden and he grows most of vegetables through the year.
Every summer, we had heaps of cucumbers, tomatoes, corns, eggplants….and more and more. When I was young, his garden was my playground.



We had this Miso cucumber quite often during summer.
It was a joy of summer.

Now I have my own garden and grow some vegetable. Today, I found little cute cucumber. The first one in this season.


Of course, I wanted to eat it in this way as I grew up.

You can even cut in half.


Dip the miso..

and…bite into it!!

Cucumber is full of water and potassium, which makes your body cooler. (Yes, summer vegetable!)
Eat it with Miso gives you a good balance.

If you are not growing vegetable,
try to get fresh one from farmers market.
This is very simple dish, freshness is very important !!
Of course, with good Miso 🙂


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