Bettara-duke ~Daikon Sweet pickles by Ama koji~

Bettara duke is Japanese famous sweet Daikon pickles.
If you have Ama koji (Sweet koji), you can make it at home easily.

It is nicely naturally sweet !

This is how to make Bettara-duke. (べったら漬け)

Cut Daikon.
Of course, you can peel its skin. I just prefer to eat vegetable with skin!

Put salt around cut Daikon.

Put them into a container.

Then put weight on the Daikon.
Mmm, I didn’t have proper weight, so I changed to cans.
With this weight and salt effect, Daikon will start releasing water from Daikon itself.

Can you see water? I didn’t add any water, it is the water from Daikon.
(It takes one or two days to have water like this)

When water comes to the top, then you can take Daikon out from container.

Now use Ama-koji (Sweet Koji) as pickling sauce.
Pour prepared Ama-koji into container. (Or you can get Ama-koji from Asian shops)
(This time, I added little bit of Mirin, that is why this pickling sauce looks little bit brown)
Then put the Daikon into the pickling sauce.


In this pickling sauce, you can add chili or Konbu for more deep taste.

Wait one or two days. Ready to eat!
Fermentate gradually, then Daikon become really yummy pickled Daikon!
Enjoy fermentation healthy & yummy life!!


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