Japanese fermentation workshops


Every month I run several Japanese fermentation workshops. Miso paste making, Shio Koji making & cooking, Nukazuke – rice bran pickling etc in Melbourne Australia.  Some of them are seasonal, some of them are regular.  Not only from Melbourne inner north, people come from inter states.  Amazing! All session is hands on workshop, lots of laugh and fun. Sometimes private group, sometimes combine of people from different area, quite interesting how the group create the mood of the class, but we always have something in common! Food! Food connect people 🙂


It is my joy and honour to share knowledge and information I’ve learnt from my grandmother who’s lived for 102 years and my parents who still grow all vegetables and cook & preserve for family’s joy and health.

There is no electric cooking tools in my kitchen, not even electric kettle :-p  Some people are super surprised by it, but when you don’t use electric tools, your senses become more sensitive – what you can hear, what you can feel. I enjoy that little inconvenience, and use my full senses.


I met so many lovely people through these workshops. These meeting is special gift to my life for sure! Fermenters, bakers, chefs, yoga/pilates teachers, food lovers, school teachers, students, medical specialists, ceramists, designers, photographers, environmentalists….etc. and I always learn a lot from them! About Australia, about their work, about their industries…. Running workshops opened the door to the community and connect to the interesting & lovely people!! How amazing! They also help me in many ways, sometimes teach me English words/ expressions, the places to get specific food – local information, and sometimes how to keep chocks in the garden or pick mushroom knowledge! I really appreciate all of your kindness and open mind to welcome me and show your desire to learn Japanese food culture. I feel so lucky!

Also, simply super lovely to see mother & daughter/son, couple, couple in their wedding anniversary, friends gathering for birthday. Always happiness is there. I’m lucky to be part of their celebration and sharing their joy moment of the life.



Home food is love. Home cooking is communication. This is what fascinate me and what I am passionate about. So I think it is great way to learn together with someone you love and care.

Japanese (home) food is really about season and therefore seasonal food.  Starting of the season, moving to the peak of the season, ending the season and moving to the beginning of next season,  using the seasonal vegetable and enjoy the moment of the season with perfect vegetable. (Quite often vegetable tells us the season!)
Unfortunately, we can’t reach to special Japanese vegetables here in Melbourne, but we can still enjoy with what we have around here. Eat local is very important!


All the vegetable I use for the workshop, I get some from my garden, and rest of the vegetable from local farmer’s market, which is super fresh and amazing produce. My parents always said “There is no other techniques rather than using fresh ingredients and proper seasonings”



People who came to my workshops often says “Amazed how simple and easy it is”. Yes, that’s true, it is simple. When we use fresh & good produce, simple cooking is much better. Sometimes I feel bad to say “cooking” because it is too simple :-p



Well, today, I just wanted to say big thank you to all- all workshop participants and blog readers for making place for me.

Spring love, Yoko









3 thoughts on “Japanese fermentation workshops

  1. This is beautiful I hope I can come and experience one of your workshops one day! And if you would ever let some matcha samples or matcha to enjoy in the workshops let me know. Thanks Erin

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi there, thanks for the comment. Yes, I sell Miso 🙂 Where are you based?
      Message me from “contact”, I can send you details x

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